To wash or not to wash before color?

We get these questions a lot when we are about to color our guests hair, should I wash my hair before my hair color appointment? Or, I heard your hair should be dirty when you get it colored, is that true? 

Well the answer is a little complicated, so we'll explain. 

The reason you may not want to wash your hair right before your hair color appointment is that it can open the pores on your scalp. Too much scalp stimulation before a hair color appointment could cause scalp irritations when the color is applied. You actually want a "barrier" of sorts that the natural oils on your scalp provides to aid in protecting it during color services. 

On the flip side, you do not want your hair too dirty. Excessive product build up, especially dry shampoo and root blend sprays, can prevent the hair color from penetrating the the hair strand evenly and could make grey hairs more resistant to hair color. 

Heading to your hair appointment right from the gym? (Yes, this happens all the time.) We do not recommend this either, not so much because your hair is dirty, but because this can also cause the pores on your scalp to open. In addition, the salts and sweat left on your head may throw off the PH of your hair and scalp, again creating unpredictable color results. 

So what is the optimal washing time? About 24-48 hours before your color appointment with minimal styling product usage. Bonus points if the shampoo you use  before your color appointment is a clarifying shampoo, this will help cleanse the hair properly in preparation for the color service.  

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