Top 3 Products to Preserve Your Color

We have compiled our top 3 products to preserve your color and they may not be what you think....

#3- Color Safe Shampoo 

This one is an obvious choice. Using a color safe shampoo will not only help extend the life and longevity of your hair color, but will also set you up for success with future color appointments. 

Important things to look for in a color safe shampoo is that it is sulfate and sodium free. Sulfates and sodium in shampoos are cleansing agents that can be too harsh for color treated hair, thus striping color when used. 

Pro Tip! Try not to wash your hair too often. Every other day is the most you should be washing your hair. This will give your scalp a chance to re-balance itself. Washing your hair everyday can also be too drying for your hair and scalp. 

When washing your hair, try to do most of the washing/scrubbing and shampoo application at the scalp. Then allow the excess suds to run through the ends of your hair. 

Although all of the shampoo and conditioners we carry at Body Bliss Salon & Spa are color safe, we love R+Co's Gemstone Color Shampoo and Conditioner. 

"Shine bright with GEMSTONE, a nourishing shampoo for color-treated hair. Contains a color protection complex proven to keep your hue rich and vibrant."

#2- Heat Protectant 

Use of hot tools, like curling irons and flat irons, can contribute to color fading. To help protect your hair from heat, a heat protectant product should be used. 

Heat protectant products come in many different forms such as creams, oils and sprays. All effective, the delivery system is really just based on your preference. 

Most will be applied on damp hair, then blow-dried in so that you start protecting your hair right from the beginning of styling. 

"Moroccanoil® Perfect Defense is a weightless, dry aerosol, heat protective spray. This nourishing, argan oil and vitamin-fueled formula re-hydrates the hair while protecting against the damaging effects of heat styling up to 450⁰F"

#1- Dry Shampoo

We mentioned earlier that you should not being shampooing your hair everyday. What would be best is if you could even go three to four days before touching that shampoo bottle. What can save you on these no wash days? DRY SHAMPOO. 

Dry shampoos are generally sprays or powders designed to absorb unwanted oils and refresh your look without having to rinse and repeat. 

Our top favorites and a number one seller in the salon is R+Co's Skyline Dry Shampoo Powder. 

How to use it: Shake gently. Press pump halfway for a smaller dose. Spray on roots (not on scalp). Massage and brush through.

"Get on top of the world with SKYLINE, a dry shampoo powder that will dramatically refresh and elevate. Leaves an intensely clean feel."

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