Samantha Graupman

Nail Tech and Massage Therapist

Samantha’s goal for her clients is simple – to leave Body Bliss Salon & Spa feeling refreshed and ‘de-stressed’.  Samantha is a licensed massage therapist since 2010, believes that whole body wellness is necessary for a balanced life and provides her clients this wellness through her expert treatments.


Her certification from American and European Massage Clinic includes the following specialized massages: Swedish, Neuromuscular, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic, and Russian Massage, including the ‘V’ method, which focuses exclusively on stress and pain reduction.


Also a licensed nail technician since 2004, Samantha stays up-to-date with the latest nail care for her clients by continuing her education in this developing area. For Samantha it is not just about polishing fingers and toes, it’s about hand and foot health. She works very closely with local podiatrist, chiropractor, padorathist, and dermatologist.


Since moving to the Raleigh area in 1998, Samantha has given back to the community by raising money for the Wake Forest Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and is a sponsor of the Hollowed Half Marathon in Wake Forest. 


Samantha invites you to visit Body Bliss Salon & Spa and experience her personalized treatments so you can recharge and renew – body and soul.